Pasta Bakes and Gratins


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The kitchen is the hub of domestic life where daily routine is dominated by busy preparation and multi-tasking. Elegant all-in-one dishes that pass effortlessly from oven to table offer a welcome respite for hard-working cooks. As practical as they are delicious, pasta bakes and gratins are compatible with any budget and may be prepared in advance and baked later – the perfect time saving solution. These all-encompassing categories offer extraordinary variety: the endless and appetizing possibilities include lasagna, crepes, timbales and crumbles.
From a rustic carbonara bake to a vibrant spiced lasagna with four-cheese bechamel, from a delicate gnocchi gratin with asparagus to piquant bell peppers stuffed with prosciutto and Fontina cheese, these comforting recipes are guaranteed to satisfy every desire for something richa and creamy in a casserole dish.

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