The Other Fish

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Delicate, healthy, tasty and versatile, fresh water fish are making a comeback. Relegated to the role of extra in menu menus until rather recently, the eternal “other” fish was ignored by many and entirely unknown to others. Long a proponent of the riches of Lake Garda, Leandro Luppi has shown not only that the time is right for putting fresh water fish in the spotlight, but that they are more than capable of stealing the show. Even the most ardent advocate of their salt water cousins will be surprised and delighted by the 28 recipes he offers in this book.
Determining freshness and rethinking cooking techniques are important steps toward real appreciation of the entire cast of characters: eel, tench, perch, lavaret, trout, lake sardines, crayfish and more. Luppi has resolved the more difficult task of deciding how best to use each type of fish and appropriately casts each as appetizer, soup, salad, finger food, entré, one-dish meal or as a fantastic foil for pasta and rice. These are dishes that lend a new meaning to the phrase “Gone fishing”.

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