Fresh pasta


Fresh pasta

Autore: ZANOTTI Piercarlo
Isbn: 9788897932307


The transformation of two simple ingredients (flour and eggs) into a smooth golden sheet of fresh pasta may seem nothing short of miraculous to the new cook, but the skill is easily acquired. This book offers precise instructions for creating the perfect sfoglia in six easy steps plus expert advice for turning out a variety of noodle and filled pasta shapes from delicate cappellini to hearty pappardelle, from traditional ravioli to rustic tortelli. With delicious sauces that make the most of seasonal ingredients, the recipes offer a wide range of solutions from one-dish family meals to elegant entertaining options.
An essential element of the Mediterranean diet, pasta embodies a concept of wellness that extends beyond the idea of healthy eating: versatile and economical, it permits a great deal of creativity with relatively little expense.

Chef and restaurant consultant, Piercarlo Zanotti crafted his profession in a number of European capitals before maturing experience in Canada and Japan. This frequent flyer has not abandoned his taste for altitude: he is currently executive chef at the Hotel delle Alpi perched at Italy’s Tonale mountain pass.

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ZANOTTI Piercarlo

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