Service temperature preservation


Revolutionary technology for maximum efficiency and flexibility in the professional kitchen

Autore: CASSI Davide - SPIGAROLI Massimo
Isbn: 9788897932628


From blast chilling to low temperature cooking, modern systematic innovations in the food service industry have largely been linked to thermal treatments. We tend to automatically associate the concept of preservation with refrigeration and freezing, but this habit of mind is beginning to show its limitations, particularly in those contexts where quality and efficiency must coexist. Prof. Davide Cassi has demonstrated that it is now possible to preserve food at its serving temperature. Developed by Exever, this revolutionary technology is based on studies conducted at the Laboratory of Gastronomical Physics at the University of Parma and is able to maintain cooked foods, ready for service, for periods that range from a minimum of four days up to (and beyond) two weeks.

Service temperature preservation will impact the food service industry in highly significant ways, particularly in those areas where current systems seem most inadequate. Optimization of planning and preparation with a concomitant reduction of specialized personnel, maintenance of organoleptic characteristics and quality, utilization of less expensive cuts of meat with excellent results, menu variation without the risk of unsold portions: all of these scenarios are possible and all will have positive effects not only on the balance sheet, but also on the client experience.

As restaurants continue evolve, the most successful enterprises will be those capable of remaining in step with the social changes that condition the food world – changes that reflect the ever – expanding diversity of tastes that existing technologies fail to satisfy because they keep prices high.

The adoption of technology capable of simultaneously satisfying many tastes while guaranteeing both quality and economic returns represents a new frontier in the food service industry, one which service temperature conservation has already reached.

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CASSI Davide – SPIGAROLI Massimo

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