Cook Chill Regenerate – Food Management for the XXI Century


How to make the most of professional kitchen, equipment while improving the organoleptic quality of food and saving time and money.

Autore: LUISE Franco
Isbn: 9788897932499


The digital revolution has not spared the professional kitchen. Ovens and blast chillers are now equipped with touch pads and USB ports. Programmable cooking and chilling cycles eliminate the need for manual intervention on every temperature adjustment and digital probe thermometers offer a level of precision that takes the guesswork out of the concept of ‘doneness’. Yet, much of this technological efficiency remains untapped as chefs fail to use their equipment to its full potential.
Cook, chill, regenerate (CCR): the cycle described by these three simple words is made possible by that same underused technology. While associated with sous vide and low temperature cooking, its implementation is not limited to these applications. The CCR system, explored in detail in this work, offers chefs a range of advantages and these extend beyond the restaurant kitchen. Catering operations, butcher shops, bakeries and delicatessens can all benefit from the CCR system. With practical examples drawn from direct kitchen experience, a wide range of recipes and a wealth of technical data, Franco Luise demonstrates the many ways in which the CCR system and the technology that enables it are every chef’s strongest allies. From improving organoleptic qualities to saving time, from reducing waste to saving money, the CCR cycle is no longer simply an alternative to traditional cooking methods. It represents the key a level of efficiency that is a prerequisite for success in modern food service operations.

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